Common Tree Services Offered By Arborists At Round Top Trees

Arborist tree care

The management of beautiful and healthy trees is crucial for bringing forth vital ecological benefits.   It is necessary to maintain the trees regularly and at Round Top Trees, you can hire professionals for arborist tree care to assure the trees’ good health, safety, and longevity.

Major Tree Services

  • Tree Surgery

The team of qualified and skilled arborists understands the trees’ physical and biological condition and gives helpful advice regarding their health and safety. They also undertake a proactive approach toward garden management and retention.

  • Crowns, Pollarding and Pruning

At Round Top Trees, the specialists perform cyclical pollarding and formative pruning on young trees. They also complete crown lifting, crown reduction, thinning and deadwood removal.

  • Site Clearance

The arborists at Round Top Trees undertake large projects like site clearance, ensuring fast and efficient removal of trees. By following all rules and regulations associated with arboriculture, they carry out their services with proper risk management.

  • Hedge Cutting

The fully accredited and qualified hedge trimming experts provide excellent services for both commercial and residential clients. They also use modern techniques to ensure safe and precise hedge maintenance.

  • Forestry

At Round Top Trees, we are equipped, qualified and experienced in executing full site clearance by using cutting edge machinery.  Varying on the kind and size of the plant, we use the tools as and when needed. For small plants, trees and foliage, we utilize hand tools as an alternative to heavy equipment since it minimizes the impact on the surroundings. We also handle efficient disposal of huge quantities of timber, brash and other material.

Within this service, we execute the following –

  1. Tree felling
  2. Timber extraction
  3. Coppicing
  4. Winching
  5. Hedge Laying
  6. Woodland thinning
  7. Woodland management
  8. Dead tree removal
  9. Bridlepath clearance
  • Stump Grinding

With continued tree maintenance, at Round Top Trees, we also help clear away space by removing tree stumps. Using high performing equipment and heavy-duty stump grinders, our trained experts provide the best solutions in this regard. We also have small machines for use in limited domestic settings, like the urban gardens while also ensuring never to compromise on the quality of service.

We also conduct chemical grinding which is a less invasive and better approach. This enables accelerated natural decomposition. Additionally, we abide by a no-burn policy so that the waste material is utilized and chipped sustainably as biomass.

Other Common Tree Services

Some of the other tree care services offered at Round Top Trees are as follows –

  • Countryside Management
  • Fencing Services
  • Vegetation Management
  • Wood Fuel and Contract Chipping

Meet the Experts

Round Top Trees use the latest tools and have the experience and expertise to prune and trim the trees without compromising their quality. As certified professional arborists, we offer high standard work in compliance with the best industry practices.

We have a 24-hour call-out service for emergency tree surgery requirements. We also help remove fallen trees which cause road blockages.

For further details, contact us.