Countryside Management is about conserving and enhancing all aspects of our countryside, From helping to preserve wildlife to enhancing the beautiful landscape views.
Here at Roundtop we Erect park benches around the local community using locally sourced wood, Making full use out of timber we fell. These make for a perfect rest stop to oversee all the beautiful scenery we’re surrounded by.
Maintaining bridleways is essential as not only does it provide a much-improved vigour for the surrounding area but to ensure a safe path mainly for horse riders and cyclists. Keeping all path edges clear of bramble and overhanging branches to ensuring debris and hazardous objects are completely off the bridleway so no injuries are sustained to a horse’s hoof.
Keeping your watercourse well-maintained benefits the community as a whole. If an area experiences constant flooding, this becomes a nuisance to the community, can restrict access to property, makes everyday living difficult, and results in considerable expense and inconvenience for those that have been flooded. To ensure a free-flowing watercourse, Keep it free from all debris removing large obstacles preventing. Keeping all vegetation Tidy and cut above water level.