Covid-19 Information – Working on Sites


There is concern about the worldwide spread of Covid-19 and the potential serious outcome for those who may become infected.

Our priority remains to deliver on our commitments to our clients together with continuing to provide a safe working environment for all members of staff.

Measures are therefore required to prevent contamination of the workforce, their colleagues and the general population and to ensure a continuity of business.

Control Measures / Identification

Field and Site Work

  • If you or someone close to you is starting to show symptoms, follow NHS and WHO advice.
  • Practice ‘physical distancing’ at all times.
  • Conduct site briefings and tbt in open air if conditions allow.
  • Travel on your own in a car, avoid taking public transport.
  • Ensure equipment is cleaned before and after use.
  • Keep all welfare facilities sterilised – making use of sanitisers, wipes, gels, soap and hot water.
  • Reduce number of staff taking breaks together and take breaks on a rota system.
  • Limit personnel using welfare facilities in line with distancing guidelines
  • Risk assess individual site facilities using a Point of Work Risk Assessment (POWRA).
  • Minimise visits to shops, garages etc.  Plan ahead. Task one person with getting supplies for the whole team.


  • Avoid spreading / catching sickness.
  • Keep the business running and our commitment to our clients.
  • Comply with Government guidance.
  • Keep our staff safe and healthy.


  • Avoid unnecessary contact with other people
  • Use your own vehicle for travel where possible
  • Wipe down equipment and vehicles following use
  • Safely dispose of wipes, tissues, face masks etc


  • Come to work if you or a family member is unwell
  • Be in close proximity of groups of people
  • Act in a thoughtless way
  • Forget to clean handles, keyboards, switches