As well as tree surgery, we also offer a highly reputable fencing service, at round top trees we have a team of specialists who can undertake all aspects of fencing from domestic and agricultural through to security and commercial.

Where possible, all materials are sourced locally and sustainably.


Garden Fencing

Closed Board Fencing

Closed board fencing, erected with concrete gravel boards, concrete posts with a 10 year guarantee.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post & Rail Fencing

Using sweet chestnut timber from local sources we provide a high quality, aesthetically pleasing finish on our post and rail fencing.

Wooden Farm Style Gates


We offer a variety of wooden gates made of high-quality wood sourced from local British farmlands to suit your needs.

Security Fencing

Security Fencing

We use high-quality steel palisade fencing to ensure that you are left with a sturdy and secure perimeter to keep any enclosed property safe.

Tree Protection Fencing

Tree Protection Fencing

We use Tree Protection fencing to help prevent damage to species on busy building sites as well as to preserve the health and vigour of the tree.

Reptile Fencing

Reptile Fencing

Specifically designed to form a boundary for reptiles whether to contain them or prevent access to a set area.

Gosport Fencing Project