Vegetation management is a broad term that includes tree pruning; brush removal through the use of power saws and mowers; the judicious use of herbicides and tree growth regulators; hazard tree identification and removal; the implementation of strategies to minimize the establishment of incompatible species under and near power lines; and the control of weeds.

Strimmer use: Many factors change the type of strimmer/brush cutter needed for the job varies from cutting grass in the back garden to thick gorse and bramble in the woodlands. For your garden, a cordless strimmer with a nylon line would be sufficient whereas tackling thicker weeds and vegetation, a 2 stroke petrol brushcutter with metal blades would be the perfect combination for a more efficient job.

After vegetation is cleared, if the end goal is to clear the surrounding area completely, we would then proceed to use a weed and herbicide killer such as glyphosate to ensure it kills off any possibility of re-sprouting.