At Round Top Trees nothing is wasted.

All small tree waste is chipped and used as mulch or biomass and all larger waste material will either be split into firewood or kept in whole lengths and sold to sawmills. Tree stems are processed using specialist equipment to produce firewood which is sold sustainably to serve local demand.

We have an abundance of these by-products which enables us to sell them at very competitive prices. Call us today and rest assured that you’ll be heating your home or mulching your flower beds affordably and sustainably.

All of our firewood is barn seasoned for two years to ensure it burns efficiently upon purchase.


Our firewood is made from high-quality hardwood that has been barn seasoned for a minimum of two years, the moisture content is 20% or lower. We offer free delivery within a 10-mile radius of Bognor Regis. Please contact us for prices and delivery times.


Attractive and durable garden wood chippings. Clean, untreated and pathogen-free hardwood chips,
ideal for playgrounds, mulching and chicken runs

Bark Mulch

As well as fuelwood we also offer bark mulch for a multitude of purposes. Our mulch provides an aesthetically pleasing layer to cover your topsoil and provide nutrients to the ground below as well as neaten up your garden. In addition to the aesthetic benefits it will also help to retain moisture during the summer and protect the soil beneath and any residing roots from frost in the winter, encouraging healthy plant growth whilst preventing weeds from sprouting through.

Firewood from Site Clearance Tree Surgery
Woodchips for decorative garden use
Triple Shredded Bark Garden mulch from tree surgery waste products

large woodchip pile with industrial machine
heizohack hm 8-400 working with tractor
large digger on top of site clearance wood chip pile
jcb site clearance of wood waste
Load all loading large lorry with site clearance waste
Site clearance example photo